Business Verified Merchant and Business Cash Advance
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Who Qualifies ?
Merchant and Business Cash Advance520 plus FICO score
Merchant and Business Cash Advance6 months in business (New restaurants ok)
Merchant and Business Cash Advance$3,500 or more in Credit Card Volume
Merchant and Business Cash Advance
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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have certain questions that you need answers to fast. If you can not find the question and answers you are looking for please contact us directly.

How does it work?
We advance you funds using your future Visa/MasterCard sales volume as collateral. We then take a percentage of your Visa/MasterCard, while you keep all your Amex, Discover, Diners, Cash and checks. Qualification is determined by reviewing the last 6 months of Visa/MasterCard processing statements. Note: Goal to sale is to move the prospect to provide statements to you via fax and define what the customer will do with the money.

How much do I get?
If you provide me with your most recent 6 months of Visa/MasterCard statements I can tell you how much you qualify for. Or, $2000 - $500,000 per location all I need to see are you most recent 6 months of Visa/MasterCard statements for me to tell you what you qualify for?

We take a fixed percentage daily from your Visa/MasterCard sales until your advance is paid back.

Do I need to change my processor?
In some instances you will not have to change your processor. But in most cases we will advise you that a new processor is necessary in order for us to transmit new transactions through the advance program.

How long does it take to get the money?
For our new customers, 72 days, and when you're an existing customer, 24 hours!

What is the interest rate?
Our program is factoring, we purchase future Visa/MasterCard receivables at a discount; therefore there is no interest rate. We charge a flat fee for each dollar we advance or fund you. For every dollar WE advance you the fee is .12 cents. If I give you $100.00, your repayment is $112.00. The fee is the same regardless of the amount we advance.

Since we don't judge by credit; all credit types are accepted! Yes, even Poor.