Business Verified Merchant and Business Cash Advance
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Merchant and Business Cash Advance520 plus FICO score
Merchant and Business Cash Advance6 months in business (New restaurants ok)
Merchant and Business Cash Advance$3,500 or more in Credit Card Volume
Merchant and Business Cash Advance
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You can get a merchant account cash advance for your business in as little as 7 days, many times sooner. No collateral is required as you are selling a portion of your future credit card sales as the form of repayment. You will never receive a bill. There are no hidden fees, no prepayment penalties and your rate never adjusts. You can apply for up to 175% of your average gross income based on your merchant account credit card statements from the last 4 months. Visit our calculator now to estimate the amount of cash potentially available to you. Don’t worry about your credit score, it's not everything and we pride ourselves in the fact that we may help when others say no. 7 Day Funds provides merchant services to most businesses, restaurants and organizations that have a proven track record of credit card sales.

Apply now for a merchant account cash advance. The process is a simple online application. Remember, your business cash advance can be used for any and all of your business needs. 7 Day Funds will begin your merchant cash advance immediately upon receiving your application. You are well on your way to increased business capital and peace of mind.